Final HIGH-PERFORMANCE SUMMIT dates for 2013:

San Diego – September 28, 2013 – SOLD OUT
San Diego – September 29, 2013 – SOLD OUT
Miami, Florida – October 19, 2013 – SOLD OUT

Limited number of seats. Tickets SOLD OUT within minutes of being released.

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“There are business coaches and success gurus, and then there is Darren Hardy. He stripped away the fluff, commanded the stage and charged forward through mind blowing content. His Rolodex of stories and experiences added color, flair and authenticity to the HPS. I am going home with greater focus, confidence in my next steps and a blueprint for success.” – Trina Gray

“I see this day translating to millions of dollars in sales growth and life changing results for me personally, professionally, and in my systems/associations. Brilliant… will recommend to all my key relationships.” – Sandon Nixon

“Darren Hardy is a no nonsense, walking, talking fountain of business ideas as well as personal growth ideas, which anyone could immediately apply to his business and personal life. Thank you for positively impacting my life in two days. My business and personal return will be incalculable.” – Frank Keel

“This was an amazing day that clarified what I must do to maximize my potential as a coach, leader and performer but more importantly as a husband, father and friend. This was a game changing and life-changing event that I will be grateful for the rest of my life.” – Chuck Kocher

“I found Darren Hardy is the real deal. He is passionate about his message. His passion to grow independent business owners is amazing. I wasn’t sure about coming- didn’t want another intensive event in my already intense life. The event actually brought me more freedom.” – Pei Kang-Boggess

“No fluff. No pie in the sky concepts. No wasted time. Easy to understand and apply strategies. Tremendously practical. Incredibly valuable. Darren has given me the tools, tips and strategies to take my business to a whole new level.” – Joel Boggess

“This event was amazing!! To have a full day with in my opinion the modern day Napoleon Hill was worth the time and investment. The ideas from the summit have triggered things I will implement that will grow my business and will add a profit of millions over my lifetime! It was just exceptional.” – Geraldo Hodge Jr

“Absolutely transformational. Completely opening up to focus on the content will allow me to become a better husband, father and business leader. Darren has a way to frame the information for maximum impact.” – Francis Schmaeling

“I will be a new person when I return home. I will have more quality time in every area of my life I have made new acquaintances who will be in my inner circle, my mastermind group. I’ve enlarged my vision of business and where I can see myself in just the next 90 days. It is worth every energy and resource I pulled to get here for HPS!” – Diane Rose

“A highly intelligent and informed presentation. I decided to attend because I consider Darren Hardy to be the best source of integrated techniques.” – Ron Cooke

“This was an amazing, efficient use of my time. I have already adopted the idea of spending time and money on coaching and by far this was the best information delivered in actionable lessons.” – Beth Falkenstein

“The description of HPS worried me it would be too intense, yet I found the workbook well utilized and kept event on message. I was given everything promised and more with Darren’s kick butt strategies thrown in throughout the day.” – Pete Yackley

“Time is the most valuable asset that any of us posses both personally and professionally. HPS has added more time to my life and that alone offers immeasurable value. I have absolute faith that the principles I learned today will yield much more than $100,000 in gross revenue.” – Antonio Wong

Written comments from previous attendees:

“This was indeed LIFE-CHANGING. Practical concepts and innovative ideas I can implement on day one. I anticipate adding $200,000 to my income this year.” -R.V. (Richard) Reese

“Finally a place where high achievers can see how to go to the next level, build a plan and achieve it.” -
Linda McKissack

“I have been to many seminars that were a whole weekend. I gained more information and strategies that I could immediately implement in this one day SUMMIT than any of those events.” -James Jackson III

“I believe I will see an increase of 100% in income, performance will increase by 10X and my goal of providing for my family will come full circle.” -Christopher Spates

“Life will never be the same. I have many take-aways and at least 3 ah-ha’s that I can take home and implement immediately.” -Andrea Wyatt

More comments from previous attendees:

For the skeptics…

“I have been to many events by others and I was not really that enthused to come to this event. Others are usually a small amount of information and a lot of sales pitching. But I couldn’t be more impressed with the content and lack of sales pitching at HPS. I’m not a rah-rah guy. I just want content I can use and you gave it to me. I will implement and the results will be greater success for 2013 and beyond.” –Neal Secor

“I was open-minded but somewhat skeptical before the seminar began. After the first 10-minutes the presentation/materials struck a cord with me as I was struggling recently at work by so many time-robbing activities that it created undue stress and low productivity. I have every intention of implementing many ideas/concepts staring on Monday. Very impressed!” –Mike Rossi, Partner Elardo, Bragg, Appel & Rossi, P.C.


“This has been the best investment I’ve made in years. HPS was the first Personal Development event for me and it far exceeded my expectations. What I’ve learned in one day has set me on a course to grace the cover of SUCCESS Magazine one day soon!” –Brent Gallagher

“This workshop was engaging, powerful and highly beneficial. It provided easily actionable items I can implement Monday to improve me, my family and my team.” –Barry Spencer

“This HPS was empowering! I do not go to many seminars because I do not connect with the ideas and mannerisms of the event. Darren communicated concrete information that was true and real. I know that by implementing these concepts I can double my income this year without a doubt!” –Hillary Broadwater

“I feel my take-away from this SUMMIT will guide me to overcoming the roadblocks that I seem to have encountered both personally and professionally – step by step, day by day, week by week – to a great year.” –Rick Ferraro

“This was a non-stop, value-packed event with information that can be applied to all areas of life. I believe now I will be less stressed, more relaxed and will produce greater results.” –Jennifer Moudy

“If you’re looking for the ultimate “Ah-ha” seminar of the decade then attend HPS by Darren Hardy. Amazing!” –Liz Bishop

“Definitely not a hype session but a systematic simple approach to really go out and explode my business through simple action steps. KAABOOM let’s work!” –Madiba Thompson

“I attended HPS at a time of substantial transition in my life and the guidance and tools I gained will be invaluable as I move to the next stage in my life. Thank you!” –Rachel Gardner

“My big ah-ha’s will add more than $200,000 to my income this year alone.” –Sean Fore

“My goal is to add a zero to my income this year. The content provided will absolutely enable me to do just that!” –Kimmy Everett

“This was a tremendous event. It is not another rah-rah motivational event that will fade from memory, but truly life-changing information that can be quickly and easily implemented. My list of action steps will undoubtedly reduce my stress and increase my focus to be able to increase my revenue by $500,000.” –Greg Hammond

“I feel that I am walking away robbing you. You gave so much more than you charged! Thank you for that. I am so very grateful to you.” –Cassie Gallagher